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Helpers History

Image by Omar Lopez
The 1960’s in the UK heralded in a movement pushing for ‘women’s rights’,  with marches demanding that women be given the right to decide whether their unborn babies should live or not.  “It’s our bodies, we can do what we like!”  It is worth noting that a very large number of men were involved in this movement – in spite of women claiming “What’s it got to do with men?
Msgr. Philip J. Reilly, who holds a degree in Philosophy from Cathedral College, a degree in Theology from the Catholic University of America, D.C., a Masters in the Classics from Fordham University, N.Y.C., and an Honorary Doctor of Science from the School of Medicine of Tinava State University in Slovakia, has served the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, as Parish Priest for 5 years, and for 26 years at Cathedral Preparatory Seminary as Seminary Professor, Prefect of Discipline, [...].
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St Albans, Herts
United Kingdom
T: 01727 763832

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