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Buffer Zone appeal

What is the Latest on Alina's Appeal


SPUC has condemned the decision of appeal judges to uphold the enforcement of a censorship zone around the Marie Stopes abortion clinic on Mattock Lane, Ealing.

In a decision issued today, Appeal Court judges have rejected a challenge to a High Court ruling upholding Ealing Councils’ buffer zone around an abortion clinic.

“This is a tragic decision which dangerously infringes democracy and blocks women from receiving support from pro-life vigils” said John Deighan, SPUC’s deputy chief executive officer.

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Buffer Zone appeal

What is the Latest on Alina's Appeal


Last Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th July 2019, Alina and her legal team put forward their case to overturn the Ealing Council censorship zone. The two-day hearing was heard at the Court of Appeal in London. The judges heard how Ealing Council had other, less draconian options before them and how law-abiding citizens are being criminalised for attempting to politely offer help.

One of the most illustrative moments in the court was provided by the legal representatives of Ealing Council. The Council's representative KB, states clearly that the intention behind the censorship zone was to prevent both the very presence of anybody who is pro-life but also 'silent prayer'. The judge MR, clearly realised that this means in effect, a blanket ban on prayer. Click to read more.....

Bishop Visits the HELPERS 

See how the Helpers Pray alongside the Bishop 


Saturday 20 July saw Bishop Thomas McMahon (Emeritus of Brentwood) celebrate Holy Mass for the Helpers at St Thomas’ Church, Woodford, lead our Procession from the church and stay for the whole vigil outside Marie Stopes in Buckhurst Hill.  Look at the great photos!

Helpers Annual Retreat

Our Lady of Walsingham hosts the Helper's


Father Morty O'Shea once again led the Retreat for the Helper's Annual Rereat at Walsingham.

uk march for life 2019

Our Lady of Walsingham visits the March


Helpers bring Our Lady from Walsingham to the March

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