helpers at buckhurst hill

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Here are the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants praying opposite Marie Stopes, Buckhurst Hill, Essex on Saturday 27 November – and on the other side of the road, counsellors are offering leaflets to try and help the women entering the ‘clinic’ to change their minds and choose life for their babies.  Our morning started with Fr Antonio CFR celebrating Holy Mass at Holy Trinity School, Woodford, followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (several Helpers stayed to adore Jesus, whilst the rest were witnessing at Marie Stopes).  We then processed with rosaries and hymns to Marie Stopes and after our vigil of prayer, processed back again to the warmth of the school hall for Benediction.  

Then – what joy!  Very welcome hot drinks and refreshments and welcoming both old and some new faces.  Chatting went on for some time until the caretaker reminded us it was time to go!

leeds prayer vigil

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Leeds People for Life was blessed by the presence of Fr Paul Grogan who led the moonlight final vigil of 40 days for Life on 31st October and also Fr Richard Aladics joined the crowd for the last hour.  At least two deacons joined this vigil during these 40 days.     The campaign ended on a wet and windy Sunday night on the eve of All Saints Day (see photo). A group of volunteers gathered outside Marie Stopes Leeds for the final prayer time. Off to Holy Rosary church afterwards for a celebration event in the community room, with tea, biscuits and cake to share.    Well done LEEDS!

helpers in clapham

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The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary saw the Helpers at the new BPAS ‘clinic’ at Clapham Common.   Twenty four of us processed from St Mary’s Clapham, after a beautifully sung Holy Mass, via Clapham Common to the abortion site, where we prayed the Rosary and sang hymns.   Several women were offered leaflets and help to avoid abortion, before they went into BPAS that day. Several pro-life groups are organising regular vigils here too. 

march for life 2021

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Here we are (the Helpers) at the March for Life on 4th September.   At our stall in the morning lots of people took copies of our Helpers’ Prayer Book and  ‘No  Room at the Inn’ booklets. After a very welcome hot chicken lunch, we marched, singing and praying, along the main streets around Westminster and we heard great speeches in Parliament Square, which can be found by clicking on the button below.

HELPERS walsingham retreat 2021


As you can see by the photos, some Helpers of God’s Precious Infants enjoyed a lovely Retreat in Walsingham at the end of May.   Fr Jeremy Davies gave the Helpers two interesting talks : one of them was on Edith Stein and he compared how this saint became a spiritual mother to the people in Auschwitz, like we become spiritual mothers to the babies in their mother’s wombs.  We were blessed with warm, sunny weather throughout the Retreat, whilst we walked the Holy Mile praying the Rosary, visited the Priory grounds, had several picnics and dipped our feet  in the sea at nearby Cley.


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Easter 2021 Newsletter

As I write, we are now deep into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it much more difficult to carry on and carry out the mission that God has given to the Helpers, namely ministering to young women in need and their precious infants. I know that many of you are struggling with the restrictions placed on you. Some Helpers groups are having difficulties with local law enforcement, as some localities will not allow the Helpers to approach anyone or in some cases allow any presence at all. I know that many of you were disappointed with the outcome of the election in the United States of November of 2020, as President Donald Trump, who had done so much to move this country in a pro-life direction was defeated ...

Great News from Streatham

Streatham Vigil 4 December 2016.jpg

Closing Down of a London Abortion Centre 2021


Some good news from Streatham. The abortion centre on Leigham Court Road is now closed down permanently. It has been closed for several weeks now and there is a for sale sign outside. The associated website has also been removed. You may be aware that this particular centre was particularly busy on Sundays, opening from 8am – 6pm every Sunday.  The vigils at this place have been held for the best part of 25 years - long before our group came into existence. This would be a fitting time to pray for all those who have kept vigil at this place over the years - offering prayer as well as moral and spiritual support to mothers and fathers and families caught up in the great evil ..

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Msgr Philip Reilly Christmas Message


Greetings to All the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants throughout the world. It has been my distinct pleasure to join with some of you on the Sunday weekly Zoom conference calls since April of this year. I have enjoyed hearing from those on the call, and I have heard from people throughout the United States, Canada, England, Albania, and even Australia. As I am not able to travel as much as I used to; this
has been a good way for me to stay in touch with the Helpers from all over the world. I would like to invite any reader of this newsletter to join us on the call ......

helpers newsletter

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September 2020 Newsletter


Usually, when someone says: “I was born for this,” they are speaking of some extraordinary or amazing moment, when they feel more alive, more loved, more appreciated than they may feel at other times in their lives. The fact is that that truth is contained within each moment. Each moment is sacred to each one of us -hoovering the carpet, washing the dishes, cleaning the toilet, waiting in traffic, sitting
in the dentist’s chair - you were born for this. Each moment has never been done before, and is never going to be done again. There is an essential link between each moment and the one that preceded it and the one that follows it. Most importantly love can only happen in this moment ......

Buffer Zone appeal


What is the Latest on Alina's Appeal


LONDON (4th November 2020) A single mother who was given help to continue her pregnancy by a now-banned charitable service has filed a case at the European Court of Human Rights. A successful challenge could set a precedent for 820 million Europeans across the continent, and make a clear statement about the compatibility of “prayer bans” and censorship zones with human rights law.

Alina Dulgheriu, who felt “alone” and “abandoned” after being left by her partner in a crisis pregnancy thought abortion was her only choice. Moments before her appointment, she was offered the financial, emotional and material support that she needed to continue her pregnancy. 

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Bishop Visits the HELPERS 

Buckhurst Hill 20 July 2019.jpg

See how the Helpers Pray alongside the Bishop 


Saturday 20 July saw Bishop Thomas McMahon (Emeritus of Brentwood) celebrate Holy Mass for the Helpers at St Thomas’ Church, Woodford, lead our Procession from the church and stay for the whole vigil outside Marie Stopes in Buckhurst Hill.  Look at the great photos!

Helpers Annual Retreat

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Our Lady of Walsingham hosts the Helper's


Father Morty O'Shea once again led the Retreat for the Helper's Annual Rereat at Walsingham.

uk march for life 2019


Our Lady of Walsingham visits the March


Helpers bring Our Lady from Walsingham to the March

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