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Streatham Abortion Centre Closing

 Hope all is well. Some good news from Streatham. The abortion centre on Leigham Court Road is now closed down permanently. It has been closed for several weeks now and there is a for sale sign outside. The associated website has also been removed. You may be aware that this particular centre was particularly busy on Sundays, opening from 8am – 6pm every Sunday. 


The vigils at this place have been held for the best part of 25 years - long before our group came into existence. This would be a fitting time to pray for all those who have kept vigil at this place over the years - offering prayer as well as moral and spiritual support to mothers and fathers and families caught up in the great evil and sorrow of abortion. Those keeping vigil also provided links to the wonderful help provided by the Good Counsel Network. Let us also give thanks for the prayer and witness of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, who through their processional vigils brought great light to this place of darkness.  


Let us also pray for the conversion of heart and for repentance and healing, for all those mothers and fathers who came to the place over the years, and for the families. And also for the friends who came ‘to be there’ - no doubt often with good intentions - but in so doing are also complicit to one extent or another in the unspeakable evil of abortion. Let us pray for the great number of our unborn brothers and sisters who were killed here:


The British Pregnancy Advisory Service’s abortion clinic in Streatham performed 4,404 abortions in 2018, including 491 late-term abortions on babies at 20 weeks’ gestation or later. The South London clinic performed the second largest number of late-term abortions in the UK in 2018 with the BPAS Rosslyn abortion clinic in Richmond performing 514. (Right to life UK)


Let us pray for the conversion of heart of all the staff who worked there over the years.

Let us continue to pray for all those who continue to keep vigil at these places of death, often enduring insults and charges of intimidation and hatred of women, when the purpose is to bring the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and His All-holy mother.


Finally, thank you for accepting the prayer requests arising from the vigils.

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